As a client of Katrina's, one of your coaching tools will be 
this personal website where you will have access to
forms, documents & communication logs with me 
that will support you through your coaching process. 

I provide these personalized support tools and resources
to help ensure you get the most from your coaching experience.

Please be assured, this site is secure and confidential.
Only you and I will have access to any information you provide here.


Through this Private Coaching Client Area you will be able to...

  • Complete a comprehensive Personal Wellness Assessment 
  • Capture an empowering Wellness Vision you'll create through your coaching process
  • Record & keep track of the progress you'll make toward your Goals - both weekly, as well as over a larger 3 month time period
  • Prepare for your sessions with a form that helps you reflect & stay motivated
  • Give Feedback about your coaching experience
  • Review the terms in Your Coaching Agreement
  • Monitor your Payments for your coaching sessions
  • Access Resources (books titles, documents, links, other services, etc.)

If you are a new client, you can login above
using the username & password I've provided for you


if you are not yet a client, but are curious about how
working with a coach can help you transform & love your life...

I invite you to click here for information about a
Complimentary Coaching Session.




spiral from heart 

"Live from your own center."

                                    ~ Joseph Campbell

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I think Katrina's coaching supported my soul as well as my body! I've made real internal changes and developed my own strategies for healthier eating and life balance that I can tell I'm going to keep coming back to throughout my life. She didn't push a particular program or diet on me. I've done that kind of thing before and it never lasted. Instead, working with Katrina felt much more personalized and effective. The kinds of goals I set every week made sense for me. And Katrina helped me make them really do-able. I've changed my relationship with food and exercise. I've begun living the life I want to live!

 ~ Eileen S., Program Manager, 49